What are the different types of cloth diapers?

Starting out as a newbie in the cloth diapering world I had no clue what was the difference between the cloth diaper types. I didn't know that there were many styles to choose from and I went with the pocket diaper. Don't get me wrong I love the pocket diaper but now that I know that there are more diaper options out there I have branched out.

1. Pocket Diaper

A pocket diaper is a diaper that has a pocket you can put inserts into. They are usually made of PUL on the outside and a soft material(usually suede or cotton) on the inside part that touches your baby's skin. A pocket diaper is nice because you can put microfiber inserts in the pocket and not have to worry about the insert being against your baby's delicate skin. We have some amazing options of pocket diapers to choose from!


2. All-In-One

An all in one diaper is just as it sounds, it has everything you need right there in the diaper. With all in one cloth diapers the inserts are attached so you don't have to worry about putting an insert in like you do with a pocket diaper. An all in one cloth diaper is the closest to a disposable diaper! 


3. All-In-Two

An all in two cloth diaper is somewhat like an all in one expect the inserts snap in!


4. Flats

Flats are squares of one layer fabric that you fold to fit your baby. Flats have to be used with a cover.



Prefolds are like flats, but they are prefolded! They have a thicker layered rectangular part in the middle and two thinner parts on the side that can be folded in. Prefolds also need a cover.


6. Fitteds 

Fitted diapers are very absorbent and they do not require any folding, they fit perfectly around your baby. But just like flats and prefolds, fitteds also need to be used with a diaper cover.


7. Fitted Hybrids

Fitted hybrids are fitted cloth diapers and all in one cloth diapers mixed together. A fitted diaper needs a cover, while an all in one has an outer layer of PUL which is a water proof layer. A fitted hybrid has a layer of PUL between the outer fabric and the inner fabric that goes against baby's skin which helps keep it water proof! I'm not gonna lie Fitted Hybrids are pretty cool, but they are also really expensive!